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Sample Drawings

Drawing 01
110 Wall Field Depicting Horizontal and Vertical (Riser) Distribution

Drawing 02
Typical Computer Center Layout for a Financial Client

Drawing 03
Depicts Interstitial Space Dedicated to Mechanical/Utilities

Drawing 04
Typical IT Facility

Drawing 05
Convention Center Conceptual Infrastructure Distribution

Drawing 06
Typical Small Business Communications Room Layout

Drawing 07
Small PBX Capacity Diagram

Drawing 08
Typical Faceplate and Jack Layout

Drawing 09
Overlay for Pathway Distribution

Drawing 10
Plywood Layout Requirement for Tel/Data Backboard

Drawing 11
Typical Rack Bay Face Layout

Drawing 12
Cord Drop Strain Relief for Power or Tel/Data use

Drawing 13
Conceptual Outside Plant Connectivity Diagram

Drawing 14
Typical WAN Design

Drawing 15
Workbox Detail

For information regarding any of the drawings, please contact us at: [email protected]

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