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Nelson Communications, Inc. is a professional consulting firm specializing in voice and data communications systems evaluation and design. The firm was founded in 1971 and is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the Northeast, having provided consulting services to over 2,000 organizations in all areas of business, education, government and health care. Nelson Communications has earned a reputation for achieving results quickly and effectively. Special expertise exists in the areas of high performance wire and cable for structured universal information transport systems, fiber optic system design, facilities management, software and systems, and disaster recovery planning programs.

The technology driving the communications industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Sophisticated telephone systems, competitive network options, complex building/campus infrastructure, LAN/MAN/WAN applications, powerful computers and the means to integrate them, are now available in an unprecedented variety. Moving information effectively and smoothly is the key to success. This is accomplished through properly designed systems and networks and a series of wise investments based on fully informed decisions. Many organizations do not possess the time and knowledge to select the best combination of resources.

Nelson Communications' large staff of specialists, with their combined years of experience, are supported by an extensive library of system specifications and industry journals. Their in-depth knowledge and up-to-the-minute expertise will support your organization in any aspect of voice and data communications. As your telecommunications resource, Nelson Communications will provide a totally objective point of view. Nelson Consultants possess the technological knowledge and business insight to define needs, solve problems and properly plan and complete successful projects.

Consultants in the firm adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants, an international organization of independent consultants.

Nelson Communications does not sell equipment or network services. The only source of income is the fees from our clients for services performed.

Company Profile Executive Overview

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